Ways To Fool Colleagues At April Fool's Day

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April Fool's Day (April Fool's Day, All Fool's Day or All Fools' Day) is also known as the Halloween Festival, the Humor Festival, is a traditional folk festival in Western society, and the festival is held on April 1st every year. April Fool's Day has similarities to the ancient Roman festival and the joyous festival in India.

In some countries in Europe and the United States, on this day, people open jokes around people in a variety of ways. When they are told that they are April Fool's Day, they suddenly realize that many jokes are always coming out, but some jokes are also caused by Too big to cause people to panic, or change the situation to become a (network) rumor. However, the joke can only be opened until 12 noon at the latest, which is a strict rule of convention.

Little Jokes:

1) Transparent door - stick a wall with plastic wrap and tape in the middle of the door, then tell your colleague, let the manager let him go, let him go faster, then...

2) Sandwich biscuits - remove the sandwich biscuits, apply the toothpaste, place them in a conspicuous place, eat the only piece without toothpaste, invite colleagues to eat, and someone must be fooled. In order to enhance the effect, it can be given a cup of boiled water after eating, to enhance the effect of foaming at the mouth.

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