Weekly Manufacturing Meeting (Awardsgift)

Compere: Manager,Huang (Production manager)

Participant:production worker representative,sales team representative

Number of Participant: 10 workers


On every Monday morning,our factory have a 1 hour meeting which focus on

1) Summarize the problems in last week's production

2) Find solution

3) Arrange production schedule for the new week

4) Assist in dealing with export sales-related marketing services


Below is conclusion for problems in last week's production:

  Problems  Solutions
1  Sharp increase in orders after CNY holiday

1.1 According to the delivery time difference,arrange production reasonable

1.2  Inform the customer expected delivery time, and update weekly

1.3 Lengthen production time of automatic machine

2 Warehouse over occupancy

2.1 Inventory warehouse, storage based on shipping time

2.2 Inform sales department contact customer for earlier shipment

3  There are many medals waiting for enameling,because some of enamel worker back to work late after holiday

3.1 Empolyee new staff

3.2 Use an automatic coloring machine

3.3 Keep all medals in good condition

Below is production schedule for new week:

1. Die casting work: 50000pcs medals
2. Stamping work: 80000pcs lapel pins
3. Enameling hand-made work:  5000pcs enamel keychains,20000pcs enamel pins,
4. Enameling automatic work:  50000pcs medals
5. Shipment: 25 shipment to overseas

Export sales-related marketing services:

Inform all custom that we are back to work,warm greeting for new demands
Update production schdule to customer
Send new products E-catalogue for Lapel pins,medals,coins,keychains,openers...

If you need E-catalogue  for Lapel pins,medals,coins,keychains,openers...

Please email us !

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