What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Custom Medals?

People who are not familiar with the medal often confuse it with the commemorative coin, but in fact there are many differences between them. The commemorative coin is the legal currency issued by the state to commemorate major events, figures, monuments, etc., with a face value, which can be circulated in the market and has a commemorative significance. Only the state can issue it. The medal is a souvenir made by the company or factory according to the customer's request. There is no face value, and the material, size and shape are selected by the customer.

Today, Yongyin Culture comes to tell you about the medals. The customized medals are made of different materials, different weights and different quantities. The prices are different and the collection value is different.

Generally speaking, enterprises, institutions, schools, banks, etc. should make custom medals to commemorate the annual meeting, anniversary or large-scale conference. So what are the benefits of a corporate custom medal?

First, we can promote corporate image and culture

Corporate custom medals can help them promote their corporate image. Because personalized medals can be printed on the company's LOGO and graphics, through corporate gifts, exhibitions and other means to spread corporate image, culture, will better deepen the impression of corporate brands in the minds of users.

Second, have a certain collection value and commemorative value

It is a souvenir itself, so it has a commemorative value. The personalized medals are usually made of gold, silver, copper, alloy and other materials, and then equipped with matching packaging can be used as ornaments, which is very collectible.

Third, the medal is custom-made short cycle

The medals are customized. After the two parties determine the material, size, design drawings and other issues and contracts of the products, the production period only takes about 10-15 days, depending on the production requirements.