What Are The Well-known Marathons In The World?

When it comes to the world-famous marathon, you have to mention the World Marathon Majors, the WMM Six Marathon series that everyone usually calls.

On January 23, 2006, the Boston Marathon, the London Marathon, the Berlin Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, and the New York Marathon jointly announced the World Marathon Series, which offers a one-million dollar prize to reward the world's top men and women. Marathon runners. In the course of organizing this series, the organizers of the five major events realized that this was a good opportunity to promote the sport to a higher level, attract more people to participate in it and improve the level of the event.


In 2013, the young Tokyo Marathon became the sixth member of the World Marathon Series. As the first youth competition was held in 2007, it is very valuable for the Tokyo Marathon to receive such a grand award.


Each of the events in this series is today's top marathon, with the best men and women from all over the world competing for the competition. At the same time, all the people who love the sport are offered the same track as the top players. Opportunity; provides a broad sports market, and the long history of each event has a huge commercial value.

Each year, several events can attract more than 5 million viewers to the scene, more than 250 million people watch TV broadcasts, 300,000 people sign up for the competition, and eventually 150,000 contestants. Each year, these events raise more than $80 million in philanthropy worldwide and create a vast market worth more than $400 million. 

Therefore, marathon medals have also become the most popular medals in the world.



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