What Badge Should You Wear On Canada Day

First of all, Awards Gift CO.,LTD wish all Canadians : Happy Canada day! 

We wish all of you,happy & healthy!

Canada Day is a national public holiday in Canada, which is scheduled for July 1 every year. 1879 was officially designated as a holiday, originally known as "Dominion Day", commemorating the Canadian dominion representing the political alliance. On October 27, 1982, it was renamed Canada Day under the Canada Act.

On this day, the whole country has a holiday to celebrate together.

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A large number of Canadians will hold lively celebrations on National Day. People also like to wear representative maple leaf clothes and accessories during the parade to express their patriotism. What is more interesting is that creative Canadians have designed a variety of strange maple leaf clothes, brooches, badges and other accessories, even umbrellas and glasses are in the shape of maple leaves, making it a unique and beautiful scenery.

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So what badge are suitable to wear on Canada day?


Canada flag lapel pin badge

It is the first choice which should be wear today  as national day badges !

Suitable for all ages.men and women,kids and adults.

Canada flag crystal ball markers

If you love playing golf,this crystal canada flag ball marker is worth collecting.

You can put it on a golf hat clip and wear it on your hat.
You can wear it every day in Canada! It's always fashionable.


In addition, Canada also sets off fireworks and other activities on National Day. In 2003, the Royal Canadian Mint also issued a colored silver coin to celebrate the National Day. The reverse side of the coin is a lifelike polar bear with maple leaves falling on the word CANADA. The color matching of bright red and silver produces a strong visual effect.

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