What Is Geo Caching Coin ?

"What the hell is the geography treasure,what's geo caching coin? I haven't heard of it!" For this question, I was very willing to explain it slowly, it is outdoor game, you need to be passionate. 

With passion, you have the motivation to seriously understand and experience the endless fun brought by geography treasures in the practical experience.

Below is a world-class treasure map.

world-class treasure coin map.

Now, people who don't know the truth will definitely ask: “What are the dense dots on the map?” Then I tell you, those are the geographical treasures, Treasures are not really gold and silver treasures, so don't be too excited. The treasure here is called “Geography Treasure”. It is placed spontaneously by other netizens. It is usually a small toy, a small metal ornament or pendent,geocaching coins,special awards medals,cute pvc keychains etc. 

Some small gadgets are put into a bottle or a box, and this is loaded. The bottle or box of the gadget, we regard it as a treasure.they are distributed in every corner of the world, all by netizens. Placed, these treasures are quietly lying there, waiting for the treasure hunters to discover.

From this map,we can see the real strongest treasures on the surface are concentrated in North America and Europe, followed by Australia, South America and South Africa. For Asia, only Japan and South Korea are representative, and the big China is just sporadic. You may ask again: "How many treasures does this have?" The data I learned is that since 2013, the world has surpassed 2 million treasures, and now it is definitely more than this number.

So how can we get involved in this game,can how can we get geocaching coin

We will share your on next time.