What Is Stylish Pronouns Lapel Pin

Stylish pronouns lapel pin,Show your respect for LGBTQ equality !

There are four design pronouns lapel pins,that is She/Her Lapel Pin,He/Him lapel pin,They/Them lapel pin,Ask Me lapel pin.

 Pronouns lapel pin (4).jpg

 Pronouns lapel pin (3).jpg

LGBTQ is an English acronym for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender, Queer and/or doubts about their gender identity (Questioning).

The LGBTQ community has selected symbols that enhance self-identity to reflect unity, pride, shared values and loyalty to each other.

Pronouns lapel pin is one of them.

 Pronouns lapel pin (1).jpg

 Pronouns lapel pin (2).jpg

Here are descriptions for these lapel pins.

-  Material: Brass

-  Dimension: 19.05mm

-  Silver plating

-  Black soft enamel

-  With Silver jewelry clutch back

-  MOQ: 100pcs/design

Custom design is welcomed !

Welcome to contact us: info@awardsgift.com