Will The London Marathon Be Held In October?

Beijing News (Reporter Xu Bangyin) The 2020 London Marathonwas originally scheduled to be held on April 26 local time. Due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the organizing committee announced as early as mid-March that the event was postponed to October 4 this year, but As the global epidemic situation becomes more severe, the London Marathon is considering other options.

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The head of the London Marathon Organizing Committee, Blaser, revealed in an interview that although the organizing committee hopes that the London Marathon will be held as scheduled on October 4, due to the global pandemic of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, they are planning another 10 options The plan does not rule out that only the elite players will participate in the competition. The organizing committee will make a final decision at the end of August this year.


London Marathon started in 1981, and the Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon, New York Marathon, Chicago Marathon are the six Grand Slam events, starting in late April every year. Due to the high specifications of the competition, the beautiful route, and the enthusiasm of the audience, it is very popular among runners around the world.

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"Is there any hope that October will be held as scheduled? Of course there is. However, we have to make a decision that is beneficial to society." Blaser said that there are usually 45,000 people participating in the London Marathon, and more than 750,000 people watch the race on the streets of London. There are more than 6,000 staff such as volunteers and medical personnel. "What decisions must be taken into account the impact on ordinary citizens."


In early March of this year, the Tokyo Marathon, which is also a Grand Slam event, canceled the Volkswagen group competition, allowing only elite runners to participate, and reducing the number of people to the greatest extent possible. When asked if he would adopt a plan with only elite players participating, Blaser responded, "We are working hard to remain flexible. Of course, the organizing committee does not want to discount the event, but if the situation does not allow at that time, we will not rule out any possibility. . "

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From the perspective of the organizing committee, they do not want to and will not easily cancel the game. This year is the 40th anniversary of the London Marathon. The organizing committee hopes that famous names such as Kipchog and Beckler will come to London to dedicate a splendid century war. The 2019 London Marathon has raised £ 66.4 million for charities In the context of the severe impact of the epidemic on the income of charitable organizations, the organizing committee certainly hopes that the 2020 event will proceed normally to help the above organizations overcome the difficulties.

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