You Can Exchange Disney Pin In Disneyland Soon

On May 6, Shanghai Disney Resort announced that Shanghai Disneyland will be reopened to the public from May 11, 2020.

You can start exchanging Disney pins in the park again!

disney pin exchange (2)

The reopening of Shanghai Disneyland may be a positive sign. Although among the other five Disney theme parks in the world, only Disney in Tokyo, Japan has a preliminary opening period, and none of the other Disney theme parks have a confirmed reopening time. But I believe that the epidemic will pass sooner or later.

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In the early stage of operation restoration, Shanghai Disneyland will implement a series of new operational measures and processes, including restricting traffic, requiring tourists to purchase tickets in advance and making reservations for admission to the park; arranging safe distances in the queuing area of the park, restaurants, amusement projects and other facilities; And increase the frequency of sanitation and disinfection.

The announcement made it clear that from 8 am on May 8th, the park tickets will be re-sold on the official online channels of the Shanghai Disney Resort and official travel partner channels. During the initial period of resumption of operations, a limited daily sale will be implemented, and visitors must purchase in advance Tickets for designated days of Shanghai Disneyland. All annual card holders must also reserve the date and time of admission in advance through the official online channels of the resort.

Tourists have said that they can finally have a good time without having to watch the crowds.

Maybe this time when you exchange badges, you will meet the staff wearing masks, is it very interesting?