Blank Pet Tag Engraving

Blank Pet Tag Engraving

Blank Pet Tag Engraving made of no-dusting material,there are various shape and design,suitable for pets such as puppy,dog,cat,bird and so price and ligth weight.


Blank Pet Tag Engraving

EV TAG_副本.jpg

Made of no-dusting aluminium material

Custom design in bone,round,heart,paw tag shape

Anodizing color

Small size and light weight.

Suitable for all kinds of pets

Advantage to have pet tag engraving

Oh,where am i?
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This man find me,check my tags please.
He scan my qr code,i am sorry for go far away home : (
Wow,i am back,so happy!

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They are wear pet tags

we love pet tags

Contact us and check lastest design and price.

If you are engaged in pet products or own a engraved store.these cute and small pet tags are No 1 at stock items you should have.Pet lovers will purchase lovely pet tags for their pet.

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