French Flag Lapel Pin

French flag lapel pin as best gift during Bestille day holiday! Awards Gift CO.,LTD wishing "Happy French Independence Day to our clients…. May you enjoy the best of celebrations on this auspicious occasion."


French flag lapel pin
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14th July is Bastille Day in France.

“Happy French Independence Day to our clients…. May you enjoy the best of celebrations on this auspicious occasion.”

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The French flag is known as the bai tricolor (Tricolore), which first appeared during the life of the French du. The color zhi was taken from the French national emblem at that time (red and blue), dao plus the white color of the French royal family. Among them, blue is the color of St. Martin's robe, white commemorates the national hero Joan of Arc, and red is the color of St. Denis's military flag.

The color arrangement of the earliest tricolor flag is different from that of today, with red on the left, but it has been adjusted later. On February 15, 1794, the flag was finally identified as the flag of the first French Republic.The French flag is one of the most important national flags in the world, which has an important impact on the development of the national flags of all countries in the world.

This French flag lapel pin in gold plating with a smooth surface without scratches. The red, white and blue colors be finished under high-quality hard enamel technology, and the overall surface is smooth and shiny.

Hard enamel is a commonly used method in the production of craft gifts, which comes from the inheritance and improvement of the ancient cloisonne. Cloisonne, also known as "copper pinch silk enamel", is a special handicraft, which is made of thin flat copper wire, pinched out various patterns on the copper tire, and then filled with colorful enamel points in the pattern, which is made by burning, grinding and gold plating. The appearance is crystal clear and moist, bright and dazzling. The artistic characteristics of cloisonne craft can be summarized by shape, grain, color and light. A beautiful cloisonne vessel must first have a good shape, which depends on the tire; there should also be a beautiful decorative pattern, which depends on the pinch; the gorgeous color depends on the preparation of the blue material; the brilliant luster is finished by polishing and gilding. Therefore, it is a collection of art, craft, carving, mosaic, glass melting, metallurgy and other professional technology as one, with a distinct national style and profound cultural connotation, is one of the most traditional handicrafts with Beijing characteristics.

Below are details for this lapel pin

MaterialIron / Brass
SignFrench country flag
AttachmentButterfly clutch
Price range$0.2-$0.4
Leadtime1-2 weeks

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