Lapel Pin Japan

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Lapel Pin Japan
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This is custom lapel pin for japan market.

The design of concept is a milk pacakge box,with blue,red,green,pink colors in hard enamel finishing.

Whole lapel pin with shiny gold finishing.

Welcome custom design and request:

Why the brand company select enamel pins as promotion gift?

Because the consumers of this milk product are mainly concentrated in: children, teenagers, young people.
People here like lovely, fashionable accessories, enamel pins are not only promotional gifts, but also belong to fashion accessories, so very much in line with the preferences of the brand audience, better achieve the role of brand promotion.

The roof box, also known as fresh House, is a kind of paper-plastic composite packaging. The roof-shaped carton is a multi-layer composite film, the outermost layer of the carton is plastic film, the middle layer is fiber, and the inner layer of the product is aluminum foil. The roof box is beautifully printed, which is generally suitable for filling high nutritional value and fresh taste of fresh milk, color milk, yogurt and lactic acid beverage and other high-end products, but it needs to be refrigerated and kept fresh, so the shelf life of milk is relatively short.
This enamel pin is a brand promotional gift for a Japanese milk beverage. the enamel pin is designed with the outer packaging of this milk product and is closely related to the brand, so that people can think of this dairy product when they see this enamel pin, and the golden metal lines sparkle in the sun. let people always have a beautiful mood, it is reminding people the sweet and sour taste of this milk.

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ItemLapel Pin Japan
Mould typeAWS-LP-195
PlatingShiny gold
ColorHard enamel
AttachmentButterfly clutch
Packing1pc/PE bag


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