McDonald's Box Enamel Pin

McDonald's Box Enamel Pin AWS-LP-189 MOQ:100pcs Custom enamel pin design welcomed


McDonald's Box Enamel Pin 

McDonald’s box enamel pin is corporate promotion lapel pin.The common corporate enamel pin is to promote the brand and deepen the impression of the brand in the eyes of consumers, and there are also some enamel pins to promote the specific items of the brand. For example, this McDonald’s box enamel pin with design of happy meal packing box,it is the promotional lapel pin of happy meal. Happy meal is a set meal for children at McDonald's restaurant, which usually comes with a toy. Although the Happy meal is aimed at children, because the size of this package is less than that of the general package, it not only attracts children to choose, but also attracts some elderly people and consumers who like to collect toys and "health".

McDonald's Box Enamel Pin  (3).jpg

Design: McDonald's Food Box


Material: Zinc alloy

Processing: Die casting

Color: Hard enamel finishing

Plating: Black nickel

Attachment: Rubber clutches

Different shape of McDonald's Box Enamel Pin 

McDonald's Box Enamel Pin  (2).jpg

McDonald's Box Enamel Pin  (1).jpg

FAQ about order promotion enamel pins ?

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!!! Custom enamel pin design is welcomed !!!

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