Black Nickel Mosaic Pin DIY

Black nickel mosaic pin DIY Soft enamel logo Black nickel plating AWS-LP-187 MOQ:100PCS


Black Nickel Mosaic Pin DIY
Black Nickel Mosaic Pin DIY (3).jpg

DIY lapel pin 

In black nickel plated


Material: Iron

Attachment: 2pcs rubber clutch

Feature: Mosaic 

MOQ: 100pcs

What is mosaic ?

Mosaic Art (MOSAIC), originated in ancient Greece, has a history of more than 5,000 years.

The word "MOSAIC" means "a work that deserves to be patience and requires patience." It is worthwhile to think and need patience, just like the practice of life. Mosaic art has a long history in Europe, and it is widely used, and most people in China still stay in the single understanding of home wall decoration.

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Black Nickel Mosaic Pin DIY (3).jpg

Black Nickel Mosaic Pin DIY (1).jpg

Difference between black nickel pin and dye black pin

Black nickel and dye black are two popular black finishing for lapel pins.

Sometimes clients will only told us that they need black pin.while not telling which black they needed.

Here,we will explain the difference between black nickel lapel pin and dye black lapel pin.

1) Color: Although they are black, while black nickel itself has a metallic luster, while dye black is solid black color.

2) Cost: Analysis from the technical level,Black nickel cost is higher than dye black.

3) Finishing: Black nickel plating is suitable for both soft enamel pin and hard enamel pin,while dye black is only suitable for soft enamel pin.

Below are photos for black nickel lapel pin and dye black lapel pin,please check and compare.

Any demands please feel free to contact us:

black nickel lapel pin.jpg

Black nickel lapel pin

dye black lapel pin.jpg

Dye black lapel pin

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