Dye Black Photo Etched Pins

Dye black photo etched pins AWS-LP-155 No moq limited


Dye Black Photo Etched Pins Video

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Lapel pin no minimum order quantity limited

Small order and sample order is welcomed

Custom lapel pin design

Photo etched pin in fast leadtime

Metal etching is to first use silk screen or screen printing on the substrate to cover the parts that need to be protected on the substrate, then use chemical or electrochemical methods to erode the unnecessary parts, and finally remove the protective film to obtain a processing method of the product .

It is a key step in the process of producing signs, circuit boards, metal crafts, and metal prints. The initial technical industrial production application was in printing silk road plates. Because the silk road plates were thin and dense, mechanical processing was difficult to complete. Different metal materials have different properties, different etching patterns, different etching depths, etching methods, processes and formulations of etching solutions used, and the photosensitive resist materials used are also different.

Lapel pin details
ProcessingPhoto etch
PlatingDye black
MOQNo limited
AttachmentButterfly clutch
Lapel pin photos

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Dye Black Photo Etched Pins (2).jpg

Lapel pin packing options

Lapel pin packing options-AwardsgiftQuick order channel

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