Enamel Softball Pins

Enamel softball pins AWS-LO-134 Soft enamel sports pins


Enamel Softball Pins

Enamel Softball Pins (1).jpg

Pin type: Soft enamel lapel pin

Size: 30mm

Plating: Gold

Sports: Softball

Material:Zinc alloy

Back: texture

Attachment: Butterfly clutch

It is a boy who wear sports uniform with No 4 on front,he jump and hit the ball.

This enamel softball pin is lapel pin on sport coat for teenager softball team.

Lapel pin details
Enamel Softball Pins (3).jpg

Enamel Softball Pins (4).jpg

Lapel Pin NoAWS-LP-134
MetalZinc alloy
ProcessingSoft enamel

More lapel pin on sporting coat
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