Enamel Unicorn Pin

Enamel Unicorn Pin AWS-LP-202 Color plating Soft enamel finishing


Enamel Unicorn Pin
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The unicorn enamel pin has always been loved by people, both adults and children.The special point of this unicorn enamel pin is that it uses color plating, which is different from ordinary electroplating. The pin of color plating presents not a single metallic color, but a gradual luster, which adds a layer of mystery to this metal pin

Unicorns is a mysterious creature in legend. It is often described as a slender white horse with a spiral horn on the forehead (which is also characteristic of a unicorn). It can be changed into different sizes and colors, from pure ivory white or black sandalwood to rainbow colors, escaping hunters. Sometimes it has wings like a Pegasus. However, the basic concept of unicorn has not changed. It stands for nobility, arrogance, purity and, of course, the long horn on its forehead. "Unicorn" comes from Hebrew "re'em," in the early ancient translation as "monokeros", meaning "single horn", and later turned into English "unicorn". Unicorns are pure and beautiful creatures bred by the towering white waves of the sea.

There are unicorns in many anime works. For example, My Little Pony's 221-episode cartoon series was broadcast by American toymaker Hasbro on the Discovery Home Channel on October 10, 2010. The story narrates that Twilight Sparkle, the pony, in order to carry out the task given to her by her mentor Princess Celestia, came to Ponyville with her assistant Spike to learn about the magic of friendship. In the process of study and life, she made five good friends, gained real friendship, and guarded Equestria together with her friends.

ItemEnamel Unicorn pin
MaterialZinc alloy
ColorSoft enamel
AttachmentButterfly clutch
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