LGBTQ Pronouns Lapel Pin

LGBTQ Pronouns Lapel Pin AWS-LP-185 Four designs MOQ 100pcs


LGBTQ Pronouns Lapel Pin

The LGBTQ community has chosen symbols to enhance self-identity to reflect each other's unity, pride, shared values and loyalty.

The Pronous collar pin is one of them.

There are four design pronouns lapel pins,that is She/Her Lapel Pin,He/Him lapel pin,They/Them lapel pin,Ask Me lapel pin.

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She / Her lapel pin is for Lesbian unity.The word Lesbian comes from the island of Lesbos where Sappho, an outstanding poetess in ancient Greece, lived in the 6th century BC. The poet conveyed a strong feeling for the same sex in her works, and gradually the poetess became synonymous with lesbianism.

He / Him lapel pin is for Gay unity,In the current social environment, what people know most about sexual minorities is probably gay men, and this feature is inseparable from a patriarchal society.

They / Them lapel pin is for Bisexual unity,means "people who have desires for both sexes at the same time"

Ask me lapel pin is for Transgender This term first appeared in the late 1980s and was created by men who wanted to live like women but could not find accurate words to express themselves.

In addition to being a status symbol, LGBTQ Pronouns lapel pins are also a form of self-characteristics. Wearing these lapel pins is truly proclaim to the world: who I am and who I love.

The 21st century is a century of freedom. People can freely express their true self, even if they are not like most people, but the world respects this expression and the world tolerates this difference.

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ItemPronouns lapel pin
Community LGBTQ Community
MaterialBrass / Iron / Zinc alloy
Dimension19.05mm or custom
PlatingSilver / Antique silver
Logo finishingBlack enamel
AttachmentButterfly clutch / Jewelry clutch
UsageA stylish way to Show your respect for LGBTQ equality !

Although you do not have the right to choose your gender, you can still be yourself!

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