Trump 2020 Lapel Pin

United States presidential election, 2020 is global events,​Welcome to order election badges to support your presidential candidate !!!


Trump 2020 Lapel Pin

On May 31, 2019, US President Trump announced through the social networking site "Twitter" that he will officially announce his re-election at the rally in Florida on June 18.

Here is Trump 2020 lapel pin which worn by Trump supporter.his slogen is " Keep America Great"

trump 2020 lapel pin (9).jpg

Dimension 32*20mm (custom size is welcomed)

Weight: 10g/pc

Made by iron,brass,zinc alloy metal

Surface with shiny silver or gold plated and red,blue soft enamel fills.

Backside with 1pc butterfly clutch

Polybag packed

Lapel pin on suit

trump 2020 lapel pin (8).jpg

On leather jacket

trump 2020 lapel pin (4).jpg

On white shirt

Shiny silver and shiny gold plating lapel pins

Except shiny silver plating finishing,this lapel pin can also plated in shiny gold / black nickel / copper / antique silver / antique gold / antique bronze / antique copper ...

Below are photos for shiny silver and shiny gold trump 2020 lapel pin.

trump 2020 lapel pin (3).jpg

trump 2020 lapel pin (5).jpg

Welcome to order US 2020 election badges

Republican candidate Donald Trump was successfully elected as the 58th and 45th president of the United States on November 9, 2016 (November 8, local time).
. It will be up to all American voters to decide.

Election process: all American voters go to designated places to vote, choosing between two presidential candidates (electing the presidential "electors" of each state on the same ballot). If a presidential candidate wins a majority in a state election, he has all the state's presidential "elector" votes, which is the statewide electoral system. National Voting Day is also called Presidential Election Day. California, the most populous state in the United States, has as many as 55 electoral votes, while less populous Alaska has only three electoral votes. In view of this, in all previous US presidential elections, populous states have become important targets for presidential candidates.

Except Donald Trump,these people may also participate in the election:

Former US Vice President Joseph Biden (Democrat)

Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders (Democrat)

Andrew Yang (Democrat)

United States Minnesota Democratic Senator Amy Klobcher (Democrat)

John McCaffee (Liberal Party)

Welcome to order election badges to support your presidential candidate !!!

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