Spaceship Enamel Pin Gradient

MOQ 100pcs Model: AWS-LP-190 Finishing: Hard enamel Plating: Gradient color


Spaceship Enamel Pin Gradient
Spaceship Enamel Pin Gradient (3).jpg

This enamel pin in spaceship shape design,with enamel logo filled.

The most special place of this lapel pin is gradient color on metal.

The gradient color is not enamel,it is a special plating method and finishing.

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Pin nameSpaceship enamel pin gradient
MaterialZinc alloy
PlatingGradient color-plating
LogoHard enamel
AttachmentButterfly clutch 2pcs

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Spaceship Enamel Pin Gradient (1).jpg

How to make enamel pin?

Be our customer,you will enjoy one-stop service here.we will turn your design to real enamel pin within 2 weeks and shipping to you.

All you need to do is send order-receive goods.

If you are interested in our production steps,we are glad to send on-production photos and videos to you,our sales representative will introduce each production steps to you.

Now please allow me to make a brief introduction about” How to make enamel pin”

After customer confirm artwork,the first step is make lapel pin mould,based on different lapel pin material,there are two shape of mould tools,round mould tool for stamping material and square or rectangular shape mould tool for die casting material,the following steps is for stamping lapel pin.

Second,stamping,put material in the center of stamping mould and stamping it.the lapel pin feature will appear on material surface.

Third,cut feature down

Fourth, weld back pin

Fifth, polishing




1) Confirm artwork2) Mould making3) Stamping4) Cut down5) Weld back pin
6) Polishing7) Plating8) Enameling9) Packing10) Shipping 
For custom inquiry,please contact us:

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