Beer Run Medal With Bottle Opener

10K Beer Run is a very interesting event,every runner must hold a cup a beer during competition. This is finish medal for all finishers.


Beer Run Medal With Bottle Opener
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10K running medals

A very interesting events,we call it beer run,every runner must hold a cup a beer during competition.

Your can walk or crawl,but you can't spill  beer from cup

As beer run medal,we finish it with bottle opener.your will like it.

Why there are so much people take part in beer run event?

I think there is nothing more exhilarating than having a cold beer after finishing a 5KM race,if there is,drink two cups!

In order to attract customers and build brand effects, many brewers and restaurants hold a series of beer runs every is big party for community,town and city.

Cold beer, Delicious food, and fierce competition are always hot topics of discussion.

Some competitions will also use beer as a prop to develop new competition rules and gameplay. This is much more interesting than a normal race event.

For exsample,this 10K BEER RUN,Participants must complete the race with a glass of beer in hand. Beer cannot be spilled out during the run.Some people focused all of their attention on the cup in their hands, and fell over without noticing the road under their feet, causing the audience to laugh.very interesting rule!

Medal details

Zinc alloy
PlatingAntique bronze
Medal with bottle opener
FinishingSoft enamel
LanyardRed plain ribbon
Custom designWelcomed
Our factory workshop photos

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