Queensland Running Festival Medal

Queensland running festival medal uses the five-pointed star as main design element. It is very impressive and eyecatching. Contact us to make unique medals for your event: info@awardsgift.com


Queensland Running Festival Medal
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This is medal for running event of The University of Queensland Australia in 2019.

The medal uses the five-pointed star as the main design element. The shape is two misaligned five-pointed stars. The yellow five-pointed star is at the bottom and the blue five-pointed star is on the front.
What's more there are 8 small cut out five stars inside of medal,very impressive!

Information about The University of Queensland 

Queensland is one of the six states in Australia. It has less rainfall, a warmer climate and sunny, and is known as the "Sunshine State". Its name is in honor of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.
Queensland has many famous scenic spots, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef group. Queensland has a number of theme parks and national parks, and is Australia's famous tourist, holiday and running destination. 

The University of Queensland, located in the coastal city of Brisbane in eastern Australia, is a world-renowned top university and a world-renowned institution of advanced scientific research. Founded in Australia in 1909, it is the first comprehensive university in Queensland and one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Australia. It is also one of six sandstone universities, a member of the Union of Pacific Rim Universities, the Australian Alliance of eight Schools, UNIVERSITAS 21 and the International Alliance for New Engineering Education.

Front and back details

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