2019 Taekwondo Medals Australia

2019 Taekwon-do down under cup in Australia Medal in shiny silver plated With Australia map be cut out in the center Welcome custom design and demand: info@awardsgift.com


2019 Taekwondo Medals Australia

This is sports medal for 2019 Taekwon-do down under cup in Australia2019 taekwondo medals (5).jpg

Medal in shiny silver plated

With Australia map be cut out in the center


Yellow neck ribbon with full printing logo

More side views

Taekwondo is one of the official events in the modern Olympic Games, which mainly uses hands and feet for fighting or confrontation.
Taekwondo originated from the Korean Peninsula and evolved from taekwondo and Hualangdo in the three Kingdoms period of North Korea. It is a popular martial art in South Korea.
The term "taekwondo" was named by General Choi Hong-hee of South Korea in 1955. When General Cui Hongxi was studying in Japan in his early years, he learned the Japanese Songtao Museum karate and incorporated it with the traditional Korean martial arts, hand-to-hand fighting and other techniques into taekwondo. In a word, modern taekwondo is one of the Korean martial arts with the advantages of contemporary East Asian martial arts.
Taekwondo is a Korean martial arts developed through East Asian culture, which is based on the martial spirit of "beginning with etiquette and ending with etiquette". Its footwork accounts for 70%. There are 25 sets of taekwondo routines; in addition, there are weapons, capture, falling locks, self-defense and more than 10 kinds of basic kung fu.
Taekwondo was a demonstration project at the 1988 Olympic Games, an experimental event at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, and an official event at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.
The organization of taekwondo in the world is mainly divided into two systems: international taekwondo federation (ITF) and world taekwondo federation (WTF). The WTF system is adopted in the Olympic Games

Olympic event setting:
Men (4).
-58,-68,-80, + 80 kg.
Women (4).
-49,-57,-67, + 67 kg.

According to gender and kilogram class, the competitor will prepare taekwondo medals of different designs.

2019 taekwondo medals (2).jpg

2019 taekwondo medals (1).jpg

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