Extreme Sport Winners Medal

Extreme Sport Winners Medal It is not only a medal But also an honor and pride.


Extreme Sport Winners Medal

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Extreme sport winners medal


Dimension: 3"

Thickness: 3mm

Plating: Antique silver

Color: Purple

Lanyard: sublimated ribbon 1" * 34"

Every medal with its own story,history and so on.this sports medal is for games of warriors.

The Warriors game is a strategic TD (Tower Defense) game with a unique style in its type.

As the king of the world, you will have to upgrade your defenses and powerful soldiers to survive and surround the enemy's territory to conquer them.
The hostile alliance of the evil kingdom has pushed the remnants of human civilization to the corner of the world, isolated, forgotten, trapped in pain, trying to survive.
Prepare your horses, hire your warriors, prepare your spears, the horn of war will sound again, and our Titan will destroy the enemy's walls and towers.
The era of the Dark Empire is over. It's time to get back what belongs to us. It's time for resistance, war and revenge.
Command your gladiators to fight for eternal glory in this epic warrior conflict.

The event organizers launched the race competition in the name of game of warriors in order to bring the fighting spirit of game time into reality, so that players can also get keep fit and feel great in reality.

And this is awards medal for this race event.

I need price for medal with my design

If you need price for medal with custom design,please email us with below informations:

Dimension size in mm / inch both ok
Medal design or logo photojpg/ai/pdf/eps file
Thicknessif you have request for thickness please send,if you don't have we can suggest
PlatingIf you have request for plating color please send,if you don't know,please check our plating chart and select
QuantityHow many pieces of medal in demand
Events datePlease send events date or medal in hand date to us, we will have better arrangment for production schedule,thank you!
Lanyard or other accessoriesDesign and dimension both needed
PackingStandard packing is 1pc/opp,if you have other request please feel free to send,we can matching your request.

Other request and question

Please email us: info@awardsgift.com

We have rich experience to make custom medals for all kinds of sports competition!

We love our work to make high quality medals for all kinds of sports competition,it is not only a medal,but also an honor and pride.
Cheer for all winners and competitors.(everyone is winner for themselves)

Medal usage- Awardsgift

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