Football Gold Medals

Football gold medals with 2D design bothsides Sandblasting finishing on recessed area Welcome custom design and demand:


Football gold medals
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Football gold medals with 2D design bothsides 

Sandblasting finishing on recessed area

Shiny gold plated

With solid dark green neck ribbon

Awards medals for football competition

Welcome custom design and demand:

Front and back medal photos

Football, English soccer (in the United States, Canada, football means rugby) or football (UK), is known as "the first sport in the world", the most influential sport in the global sports world. The standard 11-a-side football match consists of 10 players and a goalkeeper from each team, a total of 22 people, fighting, defending and attacking on a rectangular grass pitch.
Try to shoot the football into the opponent's goal during the game, and you can get a point for each goal. When the game is over, the team with more points wins. If the score is the same within the specified time of the game, it depends on the rules of the game, and the score can be in the form of drawing lots, overtime or shooting penalties (12 yards).
In a football match, except that the goalkeeper can use his hand to touch the football in his own restricted area, each player on the field can only use the other part of the body to control the football (except for the foul ball).
Football medals are never just personal glory, they represent the good qualities of unity, cooperation, trust and so on.

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ItemGold medal
UsageAwards gift
Sport eventsFootball social league
MetalZinc alloy
PlatingShiny gold
FeatureSandblasting on recessed area
More color options for plating medal and ribbon
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