Medal For Swimming

Medal for swimming,it is custom medal awards for swimming events in Panama Made by high quality zinc alloy material in shiny gold color MOQ 100pcs


Medal for swimming
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Medal for swimming events

Made by die casting material

Dimension 80*47mm

In shiny gold plated

With ribbon 1"*34" double side printed

Welcome custom design and request

Dimension and backside photo review

Swimming is a skill in which people float upward under the action of the buoyancy of water and make the body move regularly in the water by virtue of buoyancy through regular movements of the limbs.
In the 1660s, swimming was very active in many parts of the UK. In 1828, Britain built the first indoor swimming pool at George Wharf in Liverpool, which appeared in British cities in the 1830s. In 1837, the first swimming organization was established in London, England, and the earliest swimming competition in Britain was held at the same time. In 1896, swimming was listed as an Olympic event. With the promotion of swimming competition, swimming medals have attracted more and more attention. Because the special swimming medal of the competition adds a lot of free play elements such as swimming movements in the design.
The highest organization of swimming is the International Swimming Federation, headquartered in Lobsang, Switzerland. It was founded in 1908 at the initiative of the swimming associations of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Britain, Hungary and Sweden.

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