Medal Philippines

This is marathon medal for virtual race events at Philippines. Custom design is welcomed. Free design and shipping.


Medal Philippines
Medal Philippines (1).jpg

Virtual race medal philippines

Dimension: 3.5"

Antique brass plated

With deep 3D details

And transparent red color cover on top

Full printing lanyard 34"

Custom request can be matching

Deep 3D engrave and visable background

Manila is the capital city and the largest port of the Philippines. It is located on the east bank of Manila Bay on Luzon Island, the largest island in the Philippines. It is also known as "Little Luzon". It is on the verge of Manila Bay, a fine natural harbor. Manila was built on both sides of the Bashi River.
Manila is a city with a long history. On the basis of Indian civilization, Chinese civilization and the ancient civilization of Central Asia, it combines the Western civilization of Spain and the United States to form a culture of the combination of the East and the West.


This medal with red transparent color finishing.under red color,there is deep and exquisite 3d relief,The first building to be see is the famous San Diego Castle, San Diego Castle in the northwest of the city of (Instramuros). Construction began in 1571 and was not completed by Filipino laborers until 150 years later. Santiago Castle is one of the oldest fortifications in King City. After Spanish rule in the Philippines, the castle became the main defence for Spaniards against potential invaders. The most distinctive feature of this legendary castle building is the wooden carving of the Santiago story on the city gate. The ancient imperial city was a stronghold for the Spaniards to defend themselves against foreign enemies, so there were sea walls and forts, as well as many secluded water dungeons that were used to detain civilians and guerrillas during World War is famous scenic spot in Manila.

Below is more photos,it is a Philippines virtual race 5K medal.

Medal Philippines (1).jpg

Medal Philippines (2).jpg

One picture to show your how medal be produced

From medal deisgn to shipping,Awards Gift CO.,LTD will handle everything for you.

Zinc alloy medal production flows-Awardsgift
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finish medal awardsgift
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