Rain Fest Running Medal

Running medal for rain fest run event in 9.5km distance MOQ 100pcs Leadtime 2-3 weeks


Rain Fest Running Medal

Rain Fest Running Medal (5).jpgRunning medal for rain fest run events in 9.5km distance

Antique silver plated medal

Logo in bothsides

With blue,yellow,white soft enamels on front,blue and white soft enamels on backside.

Full printing logo lanyard.

Running medal for rain fest run events in 9.5km distance,sponsor by Ponta Leona hotel & club.

Usually, the sponsor's name and LOGO will appear on the medal, and it is still very conspicuous. For example:

The New York Marathon medal adds the sponsor's name directly to the name of the race, which adds up to TCS new york city marathon.
And bank of america on the Chicago Marathon medal appears prominently at the top of the medal, indicating that bank of america is the sponsor of the Chicago Marathon. 

As the title sponsor of the Berlin Marathon, the word BMW on the medal appears before berlin-marathon.


In the research on the sports sponsorship market, we can see that marathon has become the most popular sport among sponsors. According to statistics, 159 brands from 27 industries involved in sports sponsorship conducted 641 sponsorship activities, of which 388 were sponsored for marathon events, accounting for more than 60% of the total sports sponsorship.

Why do so many businesses love marathons? why do marathons become the darling of sponsors? there are the following points:

1 Marathon has a healthy image and rich connotation.

Marathon has an inborn image of health, sunshine, green and environmental protection, and at the same time, it also has the rich connotation of tenacity, endurance, stability, positive and enterprising. Enterprises hope to combine with marathon to establish their own healthy image and convey the connotation of the brand.

2 The marathon is the entrance to reach a large number of high-quality people:
Marathon runners have long been known as "three high" titles-"high education", "high income" and "high position". They have high spending power and are the target market that many brands hope to reach.

3 The marathon has a rich scene and a large number of design industries.
The marathon scene is much more than the race scene, entering the marathon scene as early as the registration stage two months before the race, including:

-equipment purchase.
-preparation training.
-take part in the race.
-nutritional supplements during the competition.
-relax and recover after the game.

If they are runners from other places, they also include:

-area round-trip traffic.
-Hotel accommodation.
-intra-city traffic, etc.

So many links and rich scenes provide exposure opportunities for brands to integrate into the scene, and enterprises can carry out brand display and runner services through the platform of the marathon, so as to enhance runners' participation experience and brand promotion, so as to enhance brand awareness and goodwill.

Front and back photo

Rain Fest Running Medal (2).jpg

Rain Fest Running Medal (4).jpg

Dimension and details for running medal
Rain Fest Running Medal (3).jpg

Dimension: 60*70mm

Thickness: 3mm

Lanyard size: 25mm*860mm

MOQ: 100pcs/design

Leadtime: 2-3 weeks

Plating options for run medal
Awardsgift plating chart
Medal ribbon silk print workshop
Awardsgift ribbon silk print workshop

Our strength display and welcome to contact us: info@awardsgift.com
Company facility-Awardsgift

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