Skate Medals

Awards medals for indoor/outdoor speed skating invitational Dimension:100*88mm Brush black nickel plated


Skate Medals

Speed skating is a winter sport. The athlete boarded his skates and glided on the ice track.
Speed skating is the oldest and most extensive project in skating. The first 15km speed skating race was held in England on February 4, 1763, and the first world championship was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1889.

Below is sporting medals for indoor/outdoor speed skating invitational,medal details as below

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Brush black nickel plated

Soft enamel front

Sandblasting back

Sublimated ribbon full printing logo

MOQ 100pcs

Front and back photo and dimension
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Skating is a winter sport that uses skates to skate on the ice. It originated in Holland. From the 11th to the 12th century, it was recorded in Holland, England, Switzerland and some Scandinavian countries that feet were tied to animal bones and holding pointed sticks to support the ice. In the middle of the 13th century, an iron skate embedded in wood appeared in the Netherlands. In 1572 the Scots invented all-iron skates.
After the 7th century, this original form of ice transport gradually developed into a sport. In 1742, England established the world's first skating club, the Edinburgh Club. In 1850, Bushnell (Bushnell) of the United States made the first pair of steel skates, and in 1876 the British Parker (W. A . Parker) invented ice and built the world's first man-made skating rink in London.

What’s more speed skating medals, figure skating medal, and short track speed skating medal are fiercely contested in Olympic ice events.


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Weightlifting medals 

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Junior soccer medal

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