Metal Basketball Trophy

This basketball trophy use a athlete who is shooting 3-pointer as prototype.It is HOT sale. The winning prizes of the basketball league include: medals, trophies, championship rings and so on.


Metal Basketball Trophy

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This basketball trophy use a athlete who is shooting 3-pointer as prototype.It is HOT sale.

From the most basic point of view, basketball throws the ball into the box to score, passes each other to find a good position, dribbles to break the defense, these can more or less exercise your physical fitness or thinking ability. And the happiness it brings is beyond description.

The winning prizes of the basketball league include: medals, trophies, championship rings and so on.

In addition to the NBA, in the corner of the world's, these basketball games are also enjoy great popularity,such as: FIBA,NBL,Euroleague,CBA...

FIBA: The International Basketball Federation is an international basketball organization, composed of basketball associations from all over the world, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is responsible for formulating international basketball rules, setting basketball courts and basketball specifications for basketball matches (for example, the height of the basketball frame, the length and width of the basketball court, the size of the restricted area, the distance of the three-point line and the ball used in the game, etc.), controlling the movement of players, appointing referees who can enforce the law in international basketball matches and holding large-scale basketball matches.

NBL: The full name of Australia's domestic league is the Australian National Basketball League (National Basketball League referred to as NBL) is Australia's highest-level professional basketball tournament.
NBL was founded in 1979 and is owned by the Australian Basketball Association. There are currently nine teams in the league.

Euroleague:The European Basketball League referred to as (EL), has the highest level of basketball competition in Europe, and it is the largest transnational professional basketball league in Europe. European Basketball Asset Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 to run the European League in a private sector model, managing two of the continent's top basketball events-European League (Euroleague) and European Cup (Eurocup), as well as the "Adidas New Generation League" (Adidas Next Generation Tournament), a youth under-18 super tournament. The European Basketball League develops and organizes competitions, sports events, corporate social responsibility programs and education programs on a regular basis.

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